How to Find the Best Interior Designers in Dubai

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Dubai has many interior designers; you can find those who are new and those with years of experience. It's hard to hire the right one among them unless you know how to go about it. Here are some things that will help in your search for an ideal designer to work with. 

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1 - Ask around

When you want a good doctor, contractor, or any other service provider, the best way is asking people whose opinion you trust about their experiences with these professionals. This applies also in the field of design where word-of-mouth recommendations are considered valuable assets. You could ask friends or family members who have hired an interior designer before, or people in the locality where you live that may know someone worth hiring. But don't limit your options to people who live nearby, go further and ask family members, colleagues, clients, business partners or anyone you know in Dubai.

2 - Ask for their portfolio

Before committing yourself to a particular turnkey interior fit out company, it's good that you have an idea of the kind of designs they create so you can compare them with your needs on one hand and your taste on the other. A lot of interior designers today are making use of technology by putting up portfolios online. You can look at these on websites which are dedicated exclusively to showcasing the works of interior designers from different parts of Dubai. There are also companies providing services like design management that will help connect you with potential candidates interested in working with you. 

3 - Inquire about their experience

You don't want to hire someone who is new in the field since there are more chances of them making mistakes. But you also don't want to hire someone with lots of experience if they do not seem to be passionate about what they do and appear unenthusiastic or disinterested. So ask how long has this person been working as an interior designer and where have they worked before. Also, try to see some of their previous works to find out if it meets your expectations.

4 - Check their past projects

It's good for you as a client that you know the kind of projects that were handled by different potential designers so you can compare these with those that interest you most as well as those that interest the candidate themselves as it will give you an idea of what they are capable of.

5 - Find out if they have insurance

One important aspect that you should consider is the way the interior designer has protected himself/herself in case he makes a mistake or if there is an accident while working on your project. Make sure that the company you hire provides insurance for their employees' protection as this will also protect you as their client.

6 - D o background check

As much as you want to believe every word said by a potential candidate, it's still important that you do some research about them and find out if they really live up to what they say about themselves, particularly when it comes to education and experience. You could always ask for proof like portfolio pieces, certificates of awards, licensing or permits which are good indicators of their capabilities.

7 - Ask for references

Seeing that you're about to let someone work in your home make sure that the one you hire is not a thief or con artist who could put your life and belongings at risk. Just ask for references from previous clients so you can talk to them personally about what they think of this person's designs and services.

8 - Consider their fees

This should be an important consideration if you want to get value for your money. The best home interior design dubai experts charge different rates depending on their skills and experience but then there are also some who have fixed rates regardless of these two factors. So find out how much they generally charge per hour, what are the charges for miscellaneous items like fabric, re-upholstery charges, furniture rental rates and so on. Ask them if they have any special promotion or offer right now to take advantage of the best deals you can find.

9 - Receive a written contract

Before hiring anyone to work on your project, make sure their company has an official license which will act as proof that they are legitimate business who are legally allowed to provide design services in Dubai. Ask them also about the terms of their contracts before signing anything. Make sure you understand all these terms before agreeing to anything considering that this is probably one of the biggest investments you'll ever make especially when it comes to interiors!

10 - Trust your gut feeling

Last but not least, your instinct should also be a good guide when it comes to choosing the best home interior design dubai experts. If you think there is something fishy about a particular candidate or if they make you feel uncomfortable in any way, don't hire them no matter how convincing they might sound.

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